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South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: 3 simple steps to take care of your pets during cold seasons

Your role as a pet owner during the winter season is to make sure that your pets were protected, have a comfortable shelter, and were receiving ample warmth. The rage of tough weather conditions can be life-threatening and the intense colds and drop in temperatures can definitely affect both humans and animals. But do not fear such difficult times because with proper preparation, you and your pet can survive it, and to help you on this regard, South Bellmore Veterinary Group will share a few basic steps to remember in order to better safeguard the well-being of your pets in menacing weather conditions.


Here are the following steps in taking care of your pets during cold seasons:


Step 1: Ensure shelter for your pets


Don’t let your pets stay outside for too long especially during extreme cold weather conditions. See to it that all of them particularly the short-haired animals are inside your house and are receiving comfort and warmth. Whenever the temperature drops to a freezing level, cats will seek shelter, so make sure that your cats are well-protected inside as well. When it comes to your pet dogs living outside, ensure that their shelter is sturdy and draft-free. However, make the space small enough to keep their body temperature in, but make it possible for your pet dogs to still move around. Make a cover to the entrance of the shelter too and gather straw or cedar shavings inside for a good insulation.


Step 2: Check the electrical cords


Even the cords of the devices that were only used to warm water bowls are still needed to be checked. Make certain that they’re in a good condition and are safe from dangers. You need to put some thought on your heat lamps as well, thus place them in a spot that is far from dry bedding materials to prevent accidents from happening such as starting a fire.


Step 3: Collect all the things necessary for your pet’s emergency kit


Emergencies and accidents are very likely to happen particularly during times of dangerous weather conditions like strong and intense winter storms. South Bellmore Veterinary Group requires you to be prepared in advance and gather all the things needed for your pet’s emergency kit. Basic needs always come first so store at least a three-day supply of both food and water, and it would be better to store foods in not just any container but on airtight and waterproof ones.


Keep the medicines and medical records of your pets in a safe pouch or bag along with other important documents such as your pet’s adoption papers, registration information, and its vaccination documents. You can also discuss the matter of microchipping to your veterinarian to have your pets in a recovery database.


Buy enough materials needed for your pet’s first aid kit such as cotton bandage rolls, bandage tape, bandage scissors, latex gloves, isopropyl alcohol, saline solution, antibiotic ointment, and flea and tick prevention. Don’t forget to include a reference book about your pet’s first aid so that you can perform it properly at crucial times. Other things to include in your pet’s emergency kit are collar/harness with ID tag, rabies tag, a leash, and a crate/pet carrier.


You might be surprised to the fact that a photo of you and your pet is also included on the list of your pet’s emergency kit. The reason to this is simple, for example, in case you’ve become separated with your pet during an evacuation, with the use of the picture, you can quickly document an ownership and get the help of other people as well. But include other important details too such as your pet’s gender, age, breed, color, and species.


Tough weather conditions can bring fear or stress to your pets, so to help them calm down by bringing their favorite items with them where it could be a toy or a bunch of treats. Maintain the cleanliness of your pets as well so bring ample newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags and household chlorine bleach to ensure the proper sanitation of your pet’s litter box. Learn about the proper bedding and habitat materials for your exotic pets and make sure to meet their needs.


As mentioned earlier, it is your duty to keep your pets warm and safe during cold seasons, so buy added clothing for them such as sweaters to give them more comfort, especially for the short-haired animals. Melting the snow or ice outside your house requires rock salt or other chemicals, so remember to wipe your pet’s paws with a damp cloth to avoid getting their pads irritated with such substances.


Other pets can live by themselves but with extreme cold, they need to find shelter so South Bellmore Veterinary Group suggests that if you found an abandoned animal in your area, immediately contact the animal welfare group in your neighborhood or the local authorities to give attention to those poor animals.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: How to take care of your pets during winter

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to make sure of the safety of your pets during extreme weather conditions where a case like the huge drop in temperatures could happen in your area. And in relation to this, there’s also the threat of bad winter storms, so to help you protect your pets from such events, South Bellmore Veterinary Group prepared a few tips for you.


Stay indoors


Once the temperature drops, it is your duty to ensure that all your pets were inside the house. Experts add that this should be the case specifically for short-haired animals. Cold temperatures outside can be the enemy of cats so better keep your cats inside as well. Create a draft-free shelter that is small enough to keep your dog’s body temperature inside but it should also be able to let your pet move around. And in order to provide insulations to the shelter, put straw or cedar shavings along with something that could cover its entrance.


Double check the cords


You must also be careful to not cause an electrical fire, so better check properly the cords of devices that warm water bowls. In addition, using heat lamps should be done with utmost care because once it gets knocked down in dry bedding materials, it can quickly start fires.


Prepare a good survival kit


Make sure that you have ample stock for your pet’s emergency kit since urgent and critical situations were sometimes the case during winter storms, which may include power outages or other incidents. South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to remember pivotal items to keep in preparation for a rough weather condition. First is, of course, food where you are advised to keep at least a three-day supply inside an airtight and waterproof container. The second one is water and similar to foods, gather at least a three-day water supply.


In continuation of the previous paragraph, third are medicines and medical records, while the fourth one focuses on essential documents that include registration information, adoption papers, and vaccination documents. In relation to this, you can discuss microchipping to your veterinarian and might as well enroll your pet in a recovery database. The fifth includes first aid kit so better have enough supply of cotton bandage rolls, bandage tape, bandage scissors, latex gloves, isopropyl alcohol, a saline solution along with antibiotic ointment, and flea and tick prevention. South Bellmore Veterinary Group also advises keeping a reference book about pet’s first aid. The seventh consist of collar or harness with ID tag, rabies tag, and a leash, while the eighth requires you to keep a crate or pet carrier. In case the local authorities require your family to evacuate, make sure you have a sturdy and a safe crate or carrier for your pets where they can also stand, turn around or lie down inside.


You might find it odd to include a picture of you and your pet together in the list of your survival kit but if the situation got worse and you’ve suddenly become separated with your pet, you can document ownership and let other people help you through a photo of you and your pet together. Remember to put the individual characteristics of your pet such as its gender, age, breed, color, and species.


Due to the harsh environment, your pets might not be able to relax due to fear or stress so make sure to include items that were very familiar to your pets on your survival kit. Those items might include treats, toys or bedding and such can help your pets reduce stress or calm their mind.


Prepare proper sanitation tools for your pet’s litter box as well and have enough supply of newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags and household chlorine bleach. See to it that you have the right bedding and habitat materials reserved for your exotic pets too.


Other notes


During severe cold snaps, exposed skin on your pet’s nose, ears, and paw pads are vulnerable to frostbite and hypothermia. Put a sweater on your dog especially if it is short-haired so that it could feel more comfortable. If you’re going to melt snow and ice using rock salt and other chemicals, make sure to wipe all the paws of your pet with a damp cloth since such substances can irritate the pads of your pet’s feet.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group would like you to report neglected animals to authorities especially if the animals were outside and exposed to the dangers of the cold weather. Your pet is your responsibility but other animals need your help as well during the harsh weather so never abandon one and report its presence to the local authority right away.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group: Enkla steg for att ta hand om din Senior husdjur

Titta på tillväxten av ditt husdjur liknar en lång värdefull resa till din favorit plats. Du möjligen tog olik vänder utom hanterat å anlända på din läge med en leende på din möta vilken kanna bli besläktad till känslan av seende din sällskapsdjur växa in i en pålitlig och stark djur. Tagande bekymmer av en sällskapsdjur sedan dess födelsen behöver tid och ansträngning, utom all om vilken är ingenting jämförde med lojaliteten din sällskapsdjur kamrat gir till du.


Hur... än, en gång din sällskapsdjur sträck dess ålderdom, den nödvändigtvis mer älska och bekymmer från du så dess ägare. Idag kan du vara säker med veterinärmedicin eftersom bra utveckling gjordes på detta område under de senaste åren, vilket kan bidra till att ge längre och bättre liv till ditt husdjur. Du måste genomföra förändringar på livsstilen för ditt husdjur samt i enlighet med deras ålder.


For att din sällskapsdjur till har en frisk aging, du behov till ta bekymmer och förstå bestämd sakerna sådan som den sällskapsdjur ' genetik, församlingen, och levnadsförhållanden. Om sällskapsdjur är 6-10 åren gammal, eller om din katt är 11-14 åren gammal, då den sällskapsdjur tillhör till äldre grupp redan. Men tillhör denna grupp är inte något du bör vara mycket rädd om eftersom, med rätt vård och uppmärksamhet, kommer dina husdjur säkert leva längre.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group viljat till hjälp varje sällskapsdjur ägare i tillförsäkra den god hälsa av deras äldre sällskapsdjur igenom den följande:


Regelbunden Checkup


Schema en regelbunden Checkup till din vet till ordningsmanen konditionen av din sällskapsdjur. Afton om din äldre sällskapsdjur ser mycket frisk, du stilla behov till ta den till din vet minst två gånger en år. Det är oundvikligt att genomgå vissa förändringar när ett djur blir äldre där du kan se effekter om deras ålder eller värre, även bevittna dem få vissa sjukdomar lätt. Även om det är något normalt att se seniora husdjur som har nedsatt syn och hörsel, minskad aktivitet eller ökad sömn, kan du undvika dem med stora sjukdomar om deras sjukdomar diagnostiserades tidigt.


Jämn subtil förändringen på sällskapsdjur kunde snål något hälsa problemen, och med det hjälp om skickligheten av en betrott vet, du kanna lära sig omkring den sann konditionen av din sällskapsdjur sedan dess djuren är god på hiding smärta och sjukdom. Om det är en stor eller liten förändring som händer på ditt husdjur, bör du informera din veterinär direkt.


Rätt kost


Djur behöver rätt näring som liknar människor, så ge dem en väl balanserad kost. De kommer inte att hålla sig friska om du inte ger dem näringsrika livsmedel. Du kanna gå med hög-näringsämne, lätt-sammandrag maten för gammalt sällskapsdjur sedan dess de har en långsam metabolism och de behöva en mindre belopp av kalori. Du kan kontakta eller besöka din veterinär för att fråga om de bästa djurfoder varumärken, ingredienser eller andra formler som kan öka hälsan och hälsotillståndet för dina husdjur.


Rätt vikt


Med en ordentlig och bra mängd näring kan resultera i en hälsosam vikt. Du får inte tolerera överfoder på ditt husdjur eftersom experter sade att detta kan öka risken för cancer tillsammans med vissa sjukdomar. Dessutom, den kanna lägga en enorm pressa på din sällskapsdjur ' skarven och jämn förkorta dess livsform. Lära sig till riktig ordningsmanen vikten av din sällskapsdjur längs med det hjälp av din vet.


Fysisk aktivitet


Att vara gammal betyder inte att ditt husdjur inte har förmågan att utföra fysiska aktiviteter längre. Du kan fortfarande räkna milda aktiviteter som korta promenader, eller en enkel lek som en bra övning för Senior husdjur. En mängd studier visar redan den stora roll fysisk aktivitet till en hälsosam vikt och hjärta, så missa inte sådana aktiviteter i att ta hand om ditt husdjur där det också kan bromsa gemensamma degeneration. Gör inte din äldre husdjur utövar en stor mängd energi, så när de verkar trött, stoppa aktiviteten direkt. South Bellmore Veterinary Group viljat till framhäva betydelsen om mental hälsa av din sällskapsdjur likaledes så dont ' glömma till omfatta mental öva på deras till-gör ta upp på en lista.


Oral hälsa


Äldre husdjur behöver uppmärksamhet på sin tandhygien också. Göra säker så pass din vet gör professionell rensningen till din älskat sällskapsdjur så fakta åt de wont ' har tandkött sjukdom, infektion och annan berättat sjukdom. In-Home borstning rekommenderas också mellan rengöringar.


Säker och bekväm


Dessa är två viktiga saker som du bör ge på din äldre husdjur. Lägg undan objekt som kan vara skadliga på vägen för ditt husdjur, och skydda dem när du lämnar hemmet genom baby grindar. Organisera sina grundläggande behov på nedervåningen så att de inte kommer att ha problem att klättra i trappor, särskilt om ditt husdjur har artrit. Installera stepstools eller sällskapsdjur ramp till erbjudande mer lämplighet till din sällskapsdjur. Skräp lådor bör också vara nära dem och göra deras sovande plats mjuk med många filtar eller sätta en uppvärmd PET-säng.


Visar omsorg och kärlek


Människor och djur måste både känna kärlek och omsorg från människorna runt omkring dem. Visa dina husdjur du älskar dem genom en bra mage gnugga eller en mild massage. Lär dig att ordentligt brudgummen ditt husdjur också och göra det som din bindningstid med dem. South Bellmore Veterinary Group ser också det effektivt att ge dem stora kramar ofta och spendera kvalitetstid tillsammans.



South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Basisstappen op hoe te om de juiste dierenarts voor uw huisdieren te vinden

Willen geven hun dieren het beste is alleen natuurlijk voor eigenaren van gezelschapsdieren en als een van hen, het kiezen van de juiste dierenarts voor uw geliefde dieren moet een zorgvuldig proces te betrekken. Selecteer nooit één met enkel een willekeurige gedachte omdat de dierenarts niet de behoeften van uw huisdier bij allen zou kunnen aanpassen. U moet tijd en geduld investeren in het zoeken van de juiste dierenarts om het welzijn van uw huisdieren toe te vertrouwen. Bekijk dit proces als vergelijkbaar met het vinden van een goede huisarts voor u en uw gezinsleden.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group bereid een aantal fundamentele stappen om u te helpen bij het zoeken naar een goede dierenarts voor uw huisdieren. De groep biedt kwaliteit huisdier zorg in Long Island en is vertrouwd door veel eigenaren van gezelschapsdieren voor geruime tijd nu.


Stap 1: Zoek de dierenarts die past bij uw levensstijl


Uw besluit zou uw huidige levensstijl en de behoeften van uw huisdier moeten overwegen. Kom te weten over de stijl en de opleiding van de dierenarts en zie of die gelijken met uw geloven en met de behoeften van uw huisdieren. U ook de verschillende gebieden van specialisatie van dierenartsen interessant waarin sommige concentraten op de dermatologie, anderen op voeding of integratieve geneeskunde. Exotische dieren moeten extra of speciale zorg dus als je er een hebt, kies een dierenarts die een speciale opleiding voor dat soort dier je hebt. De reikwijdte van de dierenarts geneeskunde blijft uit te breiden en het omvat nu praktijken zoals holistische zorg en acupunctuur, samen met de uitvoering van een rauwe voeding dieet in het waarborgen van de beste gezondheid voor de huisdieren. Als u houdt van het koken van voedsel voor uw huisdieren thuis, moet u zorgvuldig zijn en het professionele advies van een dierenarts met een voedings achtergrond krijgen.


Stap 2: de meer aangeboden gemak, hoe beter


Het vinden van een dierenarts zoals de South Bellmore Veterinary Group die veel gemak biedt aan huisdieren en huisdieren ' eigenaren kunnen een enorm voordeel en helpen om u te bieden. Eerst, vind een plaats die dicht bij uw werk of huis is en een weekend en avonduren heeft. Het zou ook geweldig zijn als de plaats biedt boek afspraken online en drop-off zorg. Emergency Care is cruciaal ook, maar als het niet beschikbaar is op de plaats, dan moet je informeren of het een relatie met andere plaatsen die deze bijzondere vorm van dienstverlening.


Stap 3: zorg voor een comfortabele plek


U en uw pets moeten voelen zelfs vertrouwd van naar de veterinair en zijn zetel. Verrassend, "Fear vrije praktijken" is gebruikt op verschillende dieren ziekenhuizen en kantoren die kunnen betrekken van een speciale wachtruimte voor katten en het gebruik van feromonen plug-ins of sprays in het kalmeren van de dieren. Vergelijkbaar met hoe South Bellmore Veterinary Group doet dingen, moet u ook de ontwikkeling van een langdurige en positieve relatie met de artsen, dierenarts techs, en Front Office personeel. Het kweken van een gezin met de dierenarts groep van uw keuze ontwikkelt een beter begrip aan beide zijden.


Stap 4: meer informatie over de aangeboden diensten


U aan de behoeften van uw huisdieren in de handen van een dierenarts voldoen die een huisdieren zorgdienst aanbiedt die oplossingen aan de specifieke zorgen van uw huisdier kan geven. U kiezen voor een dier ziekenhuis dat recept Refill biedt per post, instappen en injecteerbare en gearomatiseerde medicijnen, of een plaats die de beste tandheelkundige zorg apparatuur voor huisdieren biedt. Spreken van tandheelkunde, dit specifieke gebied is een stijgende zorg voor veel artsen in de afgelopen jaren waar het duidelijk is dat veel zijn op dit moment meer tandheelkundige en tandheelkundige procedures te doen. U een dierenarts ook verkiezen die pakketten met vaccins en een vleiende dosis hart medicijn voor een nieuwe puppy of een katje, of een dierenarts kan aanbieden die u aan een puppy trainer kunnen leiden aangezien het een voordeel kan zijn eveneens. Zoals eerder vermeld, zal de beslissing altijd afhangen van uw persoonlijke voorkeur en wat je denkt is het beste voor het soort huisdieren je hebt.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group moet je nog steeds een onderzoek online te doen bij het kiezen van een goede dierenarts voor uw huisdieren. Wees onbevooroordeeld bij het lezen van zowel de negatieve en positieve beoordelingen van verschillende mensen over een bepaalde dierenarts groep. Het zou nog beter zijn om dingen met uw eigen ogen te zien en te leren hoe de arts de huisdieren behandelt en hoe de huisdieren zich gedragen wanneer zij met de dierenarts zijn. Zoek uit of de dierenarts en zijn locatie bieden 's nachts instappen en als het omvat goede preventieve zorg plannen of verzekerings middelen.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Sikre det best sunnhet til deres pets med disse drikkepenger

Når du har kjæledyr i hjemmet ditt, må du forsikre deg om at de er i deres beste form, og at hver er mottak god og riktig omsorg for å sikre av sin levetid. Du nød å gir seg en rask kosten og lage seg bli borte fra unødvendig avsøring å skadelig vaccines, Heartworm, og loppen og sjekke av preventives. Gjødsel, plantevernmidler, og herbicides bør også være krysset ut.


Idet ettall av det pålitelig vets inne ga kvalitet pet bekymre, South Bellmore Veterinary Group aksjer et par drikkepenger neden inne ga det ytterst omsorg til deres pets.


Fersk diett


Den ville være bedre å gir din pets annerledes arter av hele, frisk og nærende tett matvarerne. Eksperter sier å ha en skikkelig forberedt og balansert rå mat diett for dine dyr med friske, fryse-tørket eller dehydrert mat. Det er også anbefalt å legge hjemmelaget, kokte dietter sammen med Premium korn-fri og glutenfri kommersielle matvarer.




Pets likeledes nød en fint beløpet av fatty syren som Omega 3 og Omega 6, jevnsides med annet a-vitamin/mineral blanding, og høyst betydelig forbiotika og probiotika. Mennesker og dyr produserer mobilnettet, skadelige frie radikaler hver dag, men med de kosttilskudd som gir antioksidant effekter, risikoen for kronisk vev og mobilnettet stress, infeksjoner og til og med kreft kan bli redusert.


Godt utvalg av vaksiner


Høre om retten tid å ha din pets ta kjernen vaccinations, og erindre ikke for å over-vaccinate seg. Å forsikre dens lang livet, din dukke eller kattunge burde ta Initial vaccines for kjernen sykdommen. Ikke gjør ditt kjæledyr ta disse vaksiner på et svært tidlig stadium (før seks uker) fordi de fortsatt har en leftover mors immunitet som kan nøytralisere vaksiner, så det er bedre å vente til 8,5 til 10 uker. Vi vet at slike som drepte vaksiner bringe farlige effekter på grunn av dens komponenter og konserveringsmidler som kan omfatte kvikksølv, fetal kalv serum, og tilsetningsstoffer. På den annen side, tar ikke-Core vaksiner bør avhenge av graden av risiko eksponering til din plass og sitt miljø, samt din livsstil. Ha en skikkelig forståelse om disse vaksiner og ikke stole på noen nyheter eller Media hype.


Når din dukke er i nærheten 12-16 ukens, ta det å din vet og har en rabiat vaccination. Noe eksperter sa det helårlig økte vaccines var ikke det virkelig anbefalt særlig hvis din dukke eller kattunge fikk blitt immunisere. Denne er likeledes foreslo av andre i den grad at du wont ' over-vaccinate din pets. For at avgjøre din pets ' immunitet, det er en rådet å ha seg ta serum antistoffet vaccine titers igjennom en blod tegn.


Sunt sinn


Mens det er viktig å sikre sunn kropp av kjæledyr, bør du ikke glemme å bygge sine sunne og aktive sinn. Fysisk aktivitet var svært gunstig, men også mental stimulering. Du burde gjøre stamgjest morsjon eller bare har en leketøy med din pets ofte der hvor du kanne likeledes inkludere et par verv, Praise, og en grunn-lærer opp. Det er en uunngåelig å har en opptatt tidsramme særlig med dagens ' samfunnet så når som helst du avreise din pets her hjemme å arbeide ytterside, avreise det TV åpen eller avreise en musikken spilleren å lek fint sang for seg. Men i helgene, bør du garantere en aktivitet sammen med dine beundrede dyr.


Holistisk tilnærming


Den ville være dårlig å ha noe kjemikaliene i nærheten din pets så foretrekker naturlig tilnærmelser og produktene. South Bellmore Veterinary Group ville like du å gå med det naturlig og pengeskap valgmulighetene til deres pets. For å være sikker på sine positive, god helse og medisinsk behandling, er det anbefalt å ta en Integrative og helhetlig tilnærming.


Om mere pet bekymre drikkepenger, besøk det funksjonær website av South Bellmore Veterinary Group og høre flere om hvor å bedre ta vare på din pets opp på annerledes aspektene.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Get Serious about Pet Oral Health

Why care for your pet’s teeth?


It is for the very same reason you care for your own. As humans, we understand the importance of dental care, this is why we perform daily oral care and routinely visit our dentist. Yet, despite our awareness of its importance, many pet owners do not realize that their pets are subject to this same problem too. The need to keep our teeth healthy is no different when it comes to our pet.


According to a recent study, 85% of all pets suffer from some form of dental disease. If we let our pet suffer from this problem, it can lead to a more serious and severe medical condition that can take the life of our beloved pet. The buildup of bacteria on the surface of teeth can spread throughout the body and can negatively affect the heart, kidney, liver and other body organ of your pet.


Most pets like dogs and cats are capable of hiding dental pain, this is why pet owners sometimes overlook dental conditions of their pet. Just because you don’t notice any change in your pet’s behavior doesn’t mean that they don’t feel pain. Here are some common symptoms of a progressive dental disease:


  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding and inflamed gums
  • Salivating or drooling
  • Swollen face
  • Pawing the mouth
  • Missing teeth or loose teeth


To maintain a good oral health, make sure to properly brush your pet’s teeth daily. Moreover, bring your pet for a dental check-up every six months to efficiently examine their teeth. With today's’ prevalent importance of oral care, new technologies are being developed to provide the best quality dental care. South Bellmore Veterinary Group, a full-service veterinary hospital in Long Island, is complete with the latest pet dental equipment such as ultrasonic scaler and polisher and a high-speed drill in combination with digital dental x-ray unit which allows to routinely perform cleanings, dental exams, surgical extractions, root-planning and gingival resection. With these modern technologies, they are capable of providing the best quality oral care to pets and have them live a long and happy life.


Keeping your pet teeth’s healthy is one of the most effective ways to take care of his health. Be sure that it receives the preventative oral care it deserves, don’t hold back until it’s too late. Schedule your veterinary dental appointment today at South Bellmore Veterinary Group!

South Bellmore Veterinary Group: Exotic Needs of your Out-of-Ordinary Pet


Caring for exotics pets have become more popular nowadays even though they are much more difficult to take care of than traditional canine and feline pets. Here are the things to consider before adding an out-of-ordinary pet to your household.


Learn everything about your exotic pet


If you are going to keep an exotic pet in your home then you need to at least educate yourself to provide the right habitat they need to live and survive. Make time to understand and learn everything about that type of species, from their foods requirements to their living conditions. If you are looking for an animal practice that can give the right information for proper care and nutrition to your exotic pet, try visiting South Bellmore Veterinary Group.


Proper nutrition


Exotic pets require special diets, there are some foods that may be toxic to them so we recommend asking your vet first before feeding your pet with human foods and other types of meals meant for traditional pets only. There are pet stores which offer various types of food for exotic animals but some of these snacks don’t have the nutritional value your pet needs resulting to malnutrition and sickness.


Giving the right habitat


Exotic pets are living creatures taken out of their natural environment, thus, in order for them to live and survive, it is your responsibility to provide the right condition of environment they need. Some of these pets require controlled temperature and humidity to maintain at all times.


Disease and illnesses


Many types of exotic animals react badly to stress, others are prone to infections and diseases. Thus when you notice signs of illness in your pet, bring them immediately to a vet for examinations. Pay close attention to their behaviors and feeding habits so you will know when they become suddenly unusual.


Human-animal bond


Give your exotic pet the love and attention they need. Some exotic pets get diseases and die within the first few weeks of being acquired by their pet owner because of the lack of knowledge and proper care. Visit your chosen vet to help you give the special proper care your pet needs in order to live a healthy and happy life. If you are looking for a vet for your exotic animal, visit South Bellmore Veterinary Group located on Merrick Road in Bellmore, Long Island NY. Dr. Jenna Dale will gladly help you with concern regarding your exotic pet.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group: A Long-term Responsibility


Keeping a pet at home is a long-term commitment with huge responsibilities. Here are several factors regarding pet health care that you must know.


Proper nutrition and regular exercise


In providing food, make sure to give the right amount of nutrition your pet needs. Just like in humans, the food your pet eats will fuel his body to perform normal daily activities and fight-off disease and infection. Along with providing the appropriate food is maintaining regular exercise to make your pet healthy physically and mentally.


Proper oral care


Neglecting the importance of oral care may result in a variety of health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and other form of organ failure. Thus, it is essential to routinely clean your pet’s teeth and gums and bring him for wellness examinations to your vet for early detection of dental disease.


Preventative care


Preventive veterinary care is important. While it might seem that bringing your pet to a regular check-up is an unnecessary expense, you’ll find that it can dramatically help in detecting a small health problem that can become a big deal if left untreated. The effects of obesity, heartworms, flea infestations, thyroid and other types of pet diseases can be avoided if regular vaccinations, check-ups and examinations are maintained by many pet owners.


Human touch and affection


Pets crave and enjoy human touch too, it helps them feel that they are loved and cared by their owner. Giving love, affection and bonding time is the most important aspect of your relationship with your pet.




It is important to expose your pet to new environments and situations in order to develop the skill of coping, thereby reducing their stress when encountering new experiences. Socialized pets are typically happy, friendlier and can handle stress much better than under-socialized pets. The lack of socialization may lead to destructive behavior such as making annoying noises to neighbors, chewing things and destroying things we don’t want them to.


The danger of human medication to pets


In case you don’t know, human medications can pose potential harm to pets when chewed and ingested. Although there are certain medications used in both people and animals, the effects and its dosage aren’t always the same. Thus, before giving your pet a drug, ask your vet first. Moreover, it is best to keep human medicine away from your pet safely stored in an unreachable cabinet. In case your pet accidentally swallowed a human drug, bring him to a vet immediately for an examination. South Bellmore Veterinary Group in Long Island can help you in treating health problems and emergency cases with your pet. Their animal practice is located on Merrick Road in Bellmore Long Island NY. Visit them now.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Relocating and Switching for a New Vet?


If you are moving to another city or state far away from your pet’s current veterinarian, then you should start looking for a new vet now. Ask your vet if he can recommend a practice near the place you intend to live, they often have a list of active AVMA members or colleagues who have the same services and specializations in the area which can certainly handle your pet. Or, ask your neighbors with pets on the most closes vet practice with quality healthcare and no complaints or any warning signs of a bad review, they will often be glad to recommend their chosen vet to you. 


For most of us, choosing the right vet is much more challenging than looking for the best doctor for ourselves. Here’s a guide to finding a vet who can understand you and your pet concerns.


Good rapport

Make sure that you feel free and comfortable in asking questions and that he is willing to answer any of it so that you can understand perfectly what he is trying to say. In medicine, there are technical terminologies that a normal person could not easily comprehend, if he’s unwilling to clarify things you don’t understand, find someone who can.



Building a trusting relationship with your vet is crucial. This is because the level of trust you give to your vet will affect your decisions for your pet, if you believe in your vet then you are far more likely to follow his advice and the course of medication he prescribed. The lack of trust commonly results to failure for the right treatment your pet deserved. If you are having trouble in trusting your chosen vet for any reason, it’s a good idea to look for a vet you will be glad to give your full-faith.


Online Reviews

Nowadays, online reviews are what attract new clients to a business. However, not all online reviews posted on websites like Yelp can be trusted, make sure to check whether your source is reliable first. Review sites can only be your guide in narrowing down the list of potential vets.



One of the most important things your need to examine when you visit an animal practice is the cleanliness of the facility. Observe whether they practice good hygiene and odor control. Keep a keen eye on the tools and equipment they are using in examinations and surgeries if it’s clean and sanitized.



The veterinary profession also has medical specialties: surgeons, dermatologists, dentistry, ophthalmologists and much more. Your chosen animal practice should have a list of specialized veterinarians, in South Bellmore Veterinary Group, their veterinarians are well-connected to a network of veterinary specialists they can refer to you in case your pet needs a treatment that requires a specialist in that area.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group is a team of multiple doctors specializes in different veterinary medicine, thus, rest-assured that you are visiting an animal practice composed of highly-skilled veterinarians in Long Island, New York.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Pointers in Finding a New Vet for your Pet


Moving to a different state and looking for a new vet for your pet friend? Then start a new-vet-shopping right before you start packing. Look for a clinic that will make you and your pet comfortable every time you visit the place. Read these simple pointers I prepared to help you make a confident decision to avoid fake vets in finding the right one:


  1. Ask some pet owners about their veterinarians. Recommendations from other pet owners can be a really useful way of finding the right vet.
  2. Once you successfully gather up a list of potential vets, check out their website to know more about the clinic and the services it offers. Search for any online reviews about the clinics too.
  3. If you have found the best vet you think you like, visit and look around there facility if it’s well-managed and comfortable enough to you and your pet companion. Assess if it’s safe, clean and convenient for your pet friend in case he will need an overnight stay.
  4. The vet clinic should comprise of a team with different specializations and skills in animal medicine. If not, make sure that they know someone they can refer in case you need one.
  5. Observe the staff and technicians if they treat the animals in the facility right. Do they seem knowledgeable in handling pets? Do they talk and actively interacts with animals they taking good care of?
  6. Consider the location of the clinic if it is easily accessible or not. There are some instances where the location isn’t one of the determining factors in choosing the right vet, but when emergencies happen, it is not wise to travel for an extra few miles just to bring your pet on your preferred vet. It is still best to have a vet nearby.


Nowadays, there are so many vet practices to choose from and it is really difficult to decide which one to pick. As for me, South Bellmore Veterinary Group provided all the traits I looked for when it comes to a vet I can depend on. They have been operating since 2003 in Bellmore, Long Island NY and composed of highly-skilled vets and staffs committed to providing the finest pet care available.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Prevention of the Most Common Pet Diseases


Pet obesity is an epidemic. The root cause of obesity is excessive calorie intake which causing the weight gain and excess fat mass on your pet, though in some cases, it may be linked to some specific medical health condition like a hormonal abnormality. Being obese has a negative impact on your pet’s health and longevity because it becomes a risk factor for secondary health problems including diabetes, urinary tract infection, heart disease and kidney malfunction.


The best way to manage obesity is by preventing it from happening to your pet. South Bellmore Veterinary Group has veterinary nutritionists who can give weight loss advice and formulate feeding plan and exercise program for your pet companion.


Keep in mind that it is necessary to control this type of condition to avoid further risk of serious medical conditions like diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a chronic condition associated with blood having abnormally high levels of sugar and with symptoms like increase thirst and urination, weight gain, lethargic and formation of cataract.


Diabetes mellitus is a lifelong condition with no cure, but it can be treated and controlled. Visit your pet’s veterinarian for treatment in this kind of condition because the cure for diabetes depends on the severity of the disease. Mild conditions can be controlled by having an appropriate dietary and exercise regimen. In some cases, pets with the serious condition of diabetes should take medications and regular insulin shots. Complicated and un-complicated diabetes mellitus are few of the diseases routinely diagnose and treated in South Bellmore Veterinary Group, for the best medical care for diabetes, visit their clinic.


Good Oral Hygiene


One of the most common health problems that plague the life of our pets is a dental disease. It is most common in dogs and cats and gets worse with age. Other than bad breath, symptoms of this disease include inflamed and bleeding gums, difficulty in eating, facial swelling and potential loss of a tooth. If this condition is left untreated, it may result in other serious health problems like heart diseases and organ damage.


To make sure that your pet has a good oral health, bring him to South Bellmore Veterinary Group for oral check and dental cleaning. SBVG is equipped with an ultrasonic scaler and polisher with a high-speed drill and digital dental x-ray unit to efficiently perform oral cleanings, dental exams, surgical extraction, root planning and gingival resection.


Visit them today or check-out their website to know more about the professional team of South Bellmore Veterinary Group.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: How to Tell if your Pet is Sick


Much like humans, pets have their own set of health concerns you need to pay attention to. As a pet owner, keep in mind that you are responsible for giving him a healthy life. To help him have a long and happy life, visit your veterinarian regularly and watch out for the following health symptoms:


Presence of worms and parasites


Generally, there are five types of worms that your pet can get: heartworms, hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms and whipworms.


Common symptoms:


  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of energy
  • Potbellied appearance
  • Change of appetite
  • Loss of weight
  • Visible worm in your pet’s stool


Treatment: Bring your pet to a veterinarian for examination. The cure and medication for these conditions vary depending on what type of parasite corrupted your pet’s body.


Dental disease


Common symptoms:


  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Inflamed and bleeding gums
  • Irritability and drooling
  • Difficulty chewing or eating
  • Sensitivity around the mouth
  • Loose or missing teeth


Treatment: Dental diseases can be avoided if you practice proper oral care on your pet at home. Regularly brush his teeth to keep plague from accumulating on your pet’s teeth. Visit your vet for regular dental cleaning to keep your pet’s mouth healthy too.


Skin problems caused by external parasites


Some external parasites that can cause discomfort and serious skin problems are fleas, ticks and ear mites.


Common symptoms of having this creepy crawlies on your pet’s skin are:


  • Itchiness, including scratching, licking, rubbing and persistent shaking of head
  • Rashes
  • Sores
  • Hair loss
  • Thinning coat and bumps
  • Visible ticks, fleas and mites


Treatment: The treatment depends on the severity of the condition. Treatment includes prescribing a shampoo or medical products; there are instances where it is necessary to shave the dog completely as part of the treatment.


Vomiting and diarrhea


Vomiting alone or diarrhea alone with no signs of loss appetite, lack of energy and blood on the stool then it might be an effect of a bad food that your pet ate. However, if it became persistent for more than a day or two with all these signs and gets worst, bring him to a vet for an examination because it may indicate an underlying health issue.


Diabetes mellitus


Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition most commonly occurs in middle-aged pets. In general, diabetes cannot be cured, however, it can be treated and controlled by taking medication and establishing a healthy lifestyle for your pet.


Symptoms of this lifelong condition are:


  • Excessive thirst
  • Increase urination
  • Change in appetite along with weight loss
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Lethargy and breathing abnormalities
  • Cataract formation


Treatment: Since diabetes mellitus is incurable, sticking to a diet plan with proper exercise and insulin therapy is recommended to control the progression of diabetes in your pet.


In South Bellmore Veterinary Group, complicated and uncomplicated diabetes mellitus are one of the most common diseases they diagnose and treat in their facility. And in order to provide the best possible medical care for your pet’s chronic condition, we routinely consult advice and recommendations from Dr. Pat Hopper, a board-certified internist and a pioneer in veterinary ultrasound and internal medicine.


Bringing your pet to an animal hospital for regular check-ups and examination are one of the best ways to make sure that he is perfectly healthy and in good shape. Keep in mind that it is better to prevent and treat illness early than dealing with it when it already occurs. If you are looking for a veterinary clinic who can give high-quality health care to your pet without any complaints, visit South Bellmore Veterinary Group.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Providing the Best Possible Care

When you decided to bring a pet in your life, keep in mind that you are responsible from that day forward for his nutrition, safety, health and well-being. It is an obligation that comes with owning a pet. To ensure their healthy life, you should provide them the best animal care with the help of your chosen vet.


Veterinarians play an important role in the lives of your pet. Nowadays, many pet owners fail to recognize how essential it is to have a dependable veterinarian on their side. Your pet needs medical attention from a specialist in animal health, you cannot solely treat or cure your pet at home when they get sick. South Bellmore Veterinary Group can help you in supervising the health and well-being of your pet to ward-off ailments and illnesses.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group is an animal hospital which offers high-quality veterinary and surgical service to keep your pet healthy and fit without getting ripped off. Because of their extensive expertise in animal health, even on exotic ones, pet owners visit them from all of Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and beyond. Visit their clinic or check-out their website to know more about the services they offer. Dr. Robert Foley, the Director of Medicine and Surgery in SBVG and his team of experienced veterinary doctors and technicians will provide the high-quality animal care for your pet. As early as you set foot into their clinic, you will feel the warm and friendly environment as well as the passionate love they give to animals.


Although your pet may look and feel fine, it is still important to visit SBVG for regular check-ups and examinations to ascertain that your pet is growing perfectly healthy, free from diseases and infections.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group: Preventing Illnesses and Diseases

Owning a pet gives physical and mental benefits, but it does come with a responsibility. Having a pet means the life and well-being of another living thing are in your hands. And just like humans, your pet can get sick too. Even though they may appear healthy outside, there’s a chance that diseases and infections are corrupting their body already.


Help your pet prevent illnesses and diseases by bringing him to a vet for a regular examination. It is best to prevent Addisons Disease, Cushings Disease and other fatal diseases than dealing with it when it occurs. Find the right veterinarian with good reviews who can attend to your pets health needs because diseases and illnesses cannot be treated all at home by yourself, veterinarians are needed in order to treat your pet properly.


In South Bellmore Veterinary Group, Dr. Robert Foley and other vets on the team are very competent and knowledgeable on different medical problems in animals, they can quickly diagnosed health problems and prevent its effects. Dr. Jenna Dale handles all exotic animals like rabbits and guinea pigs (except for venomous snakes, of course) with a 25% off in service when you go see her during Wednesdays.


Aside from treating illnesses and diseases, SBVG provides other types of services such as dental, skin treatments, ear cleaning, eye surgeries, vaccinations and general and orthopedic surgeries. There are numerous animal clinics nowadays but if you are looking for the best among the rest then choose South Bellmore Veterinary Group located on Merrick Road in Bellmore, Long Island.


Visit their clinic and take a look around their clean and well-organized 5000 square foot facility. Their knowledgeable staffs in the reception area will gladly assist you with your concerns and issues. You will definitely feel their genuine care for animals as if their own. 

South Bellmore Veterinary Group Pet care

This diagram illustrates the basic anatomical landmarks of the canine ear canal. For general cleaning to be done at home the points of interest are the ear flap, vertical ear canal, and the horizontal ear canal.

The vertical canal is the longest section of the external ear. As long as cleaning is performed straight down the vertical ear canal, the horizontal canal and the ear drum will be avoided, thereby preventing injury to the ear drum.

Step 1.

The ear flap is gently pulled up and the opening to the vertical ear canal is visualized.

Step 2.

Point the tip of the cleaning solution bottle into the opening of the vertical ear canal and infuse a generous amount of cleaner into the canal. The goal is to fill the entire canal (the vertical AND the horizontal canal). Next, while holding the ear flap with one hand, massage the ear canal with the other. Some fluid and debris will likely start coming out of the ear at this point. Release the ear and allow your dog to shake his/her head for 2-5 minutes. This will help bring more debris out. (You may want to do this in an area of the house that can get a little dirty, as ear discharge may be flying out of the ear).

Step 3.

Wipe the ear clean using a cottonball. Another technique that can be used is to push a cottonball into the canal and lightly soak it with the cleaner. Allow a few minutes for the cotton to dry. When the cotton is removed much of the debris will adhere to it. DO NOT push the cotton so far down that you cannot remove it. We recommend keeping a pair of tweezers available to remove the cotton if you are having trouble removing it with you fingers. Q-tips are optional. Many veterinarians do not advocate the use of Q-tips as they can cause serious damage to the ear canal, or even the ear drum if they are not used properly. In our practice we will use Q-tips GENTLY to clean the folds of the canals that are difficult to clean with cottonballs alone. As long as you are gentle, the tip of the swab can be seen at all times, and the tip is pointing straight down and NOT TOWARDS THE HEAD this technique is usually safe.

South Bellmore Veterinary Group Internal Medicine

Our in-house blood analyzers allow us to quickly assist our experienced veterinarians in diagnosing and treating your pets medical problems. Diseases such as Addisons Disease, Cushings Disease, complicated and un-complicated diabetes mellitus are just a few of the diseases routinely diagnosed and treated right here in our facility. We routinely consult with Dr. Pat Hopper who is a board-certified internist and is a pioneer in veterinary ultrasound and internal medicine.

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